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We are a Christian family based in Bridgwater Somerset, who believe in Jesus, the man who many years ago lived and rocked the world with his teaching of God as father and how we can be adopted into His, Gods family. The man Jesus was also the son of God so ideally positioned to explain the ways of God to those that would hear.

As a Christian church we are part of God's family meeting to encourage each other in the ways of Jesus, to be rich in grace, mercy, love and forgiveness, Praying for the sick showing the love of the father by helping the needy.

Jesus said that you see me and you see the father, he was saying I am like a mirror, a reflection of father God that you do not see, I do what he does. What extravagant love that loves unto death, forgives wrongs and welcomes with open arms all those that come to him.

To find out more about how you can know Jesus and become part of his family, pop us an email or give us a call and have a chat, we would be pleased to talk with you or meet with you over a coffee.